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Lady Having Rare Condition, Mocked With Meme, Responds To The Meme And Her Mockers (Photos)


Lady Having Rare Condition, Mocked With Meme, Responds To The Meme And Her Mockers (Photos)

A woman identified as Lizzie Velasquez who is an activist and suffers from a rare inherited condition, which makes her body unable to store fat has been the subject of a derogatory meme, using a picture of her smiling along with the words: “Michael said he would meet me behind this tree for a bit of fun.

“He’s running late, would someone pleased tag him and tell him I’m still waiting?”

She has received a lot of support after responding to the meme mocking her appearance with a public plea for people to “think before they tweet”.

Ms Velasquez, from Texas, shared the meme on her Instagram account, along with a long message in which she asked people to think more carefully before they share a viral meme of a stranger.

She wrote: “I’m writing this post not as someone who is a victim but as someone who is using their voice. No matter what we look like or what size we are, at the end of the day we are all human.”

The post garnered more than 28,000 ‘likes’ and thousands of Instagram users commented showing their support.

Ms Velasquez later posted a video message thanking people for their support, and emphasising that people should “think before they tweet”. She said: “When you see something online, remember that there is a human who is being affected by it.

“It might be funny at the time, but there’s probably someone who’s not feeling that it’s that funny. So just think before you tweet, think before you share, think before you like, because we just want to be accepted, and that’s it.”

At the age of 17, Ms Velasquez discovered a video of herself entitled “World’s Ugliest Woman” on YouTube.

The video which has received hundreds of cruel comments which included one advising her parents to “kill it with fire” and another asking why they chose not to abort her, has been viewed more than four million times.

In a brave response, she launched a campaign aimed at anti-bullying which she outlined in 2013 during a thought provoking TED talk, the full speech has received over seven million views.

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