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Mrs Olaoye Treated Maid Like Family, Took Her On Vacations ~ Friends Cry Out, Share Family Pictures(Photos)


Mrs Olaoye Treated Maid Like Family, Took Her On Vacations ~ Friends Cry Out, Share Family Pictures(Photos)

The news making the rounds is how 15 year old Abigail Opebiyi was allegedly abused by her guardian, a lawyer, Mrs Tolu Olaoye, which has left a deep cut on her forehead as well as bruises on her upper limb and all over her body.

According to the Lagos State Police command who has secured the arrest of Mrs Olaoye, Abigail has injuries all over her body, and the Commissioner of Police has ordered the officer heading the Gender Section of the command, SP Adejoke Cole, to gather intelligence ahead of the arraignment of the suspect which is slated for Monday, the 18th of December 2017.

In an exclusive interview with a friend of the suspect, Bisi, Joyful Joy’s Blog reliably gathered that Mrs Olaoye treated Abigail like her child, took her for outings with her children, including vacations and treats.

When asked what led to the injury on her head, the source disclosed that Abigail did something bad and was trying to dodge being caned by Mrs Olaoye, which made her fall and hit her head against a table in the living room.

She explained that the victim has been with her friend, who is known to be a strict disciplinarian for 4 years and can attest to the fact that she wasn’t poorly treated as is being widely alleged. Her friend just happens to be a victim of circumstance, in this case, judging by the injury and the fact that she is a lawyer. She noted that it could have happened to anybody.

Another family friend revealed how Mrs Olaoye made sure Abigail was well taken care of, had clothes, and every other thing her kids had, she was treated like one of her kids. She disclosed that one wouldn’t know the difference between Abigail and Mrs Olaoye’s kids as they all got the same treatment including discipline when necessary, from the lawyer.

She asked for understanding and an objective judgement in this case as it is not what it is being made to seem, recalling happier times, she said Mrs Olaoye is a good woman that treats everyone justly.

One of such friends had this to say:

when you hear a story, most especially from the Nigerian police, then you should ask yourself, the mind of the writer and the objective of writing.This girl had an injury while trying to escape from being scolded for playing with live electric wires. 

The injury is more than a week old and its almost gone but someone with a wicked intent, open the plaster of the wound took pictures and wanted to implicate the accused.

A girl being sent to a private school to be educated and lives with the accused children like she is with her mother cannot be termed as someone who is wicked. The girl’s father was with the police and said there is no case and he doesn’t need the police in this matter. This is not a case of a girl being a house help or the likes. her father allowed her to stay with the accuses so she can be trained in school and be a better child in the future. 

The police arrested the accused and forced her to carry a placard and then started distributing news online with no charges yet. The case would be in court on Monday 18/12 and so you ask yourself what is the police trying to do? Get some cheap publicity or what?

Let me summarize with pictures of the accused and her children at various events including swimming class so you judge for yourself if the police are trying to solve an allege abuse or deform someone’s character.

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1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    December 17, 2017 at 12:31 pm

    Thank you for your writeup. its good hearing the other side of the story

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