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Pink Sand Beaches And Its Causes (Photos)


Pink Sand Beaches And Its Causes (Photos)

These beaches can mostly be found in the Bahamas. But Hawaii , and Greece have some too. There are a few in the world.

This beach is located in Yucatan, Mexico and this is a beautiful place to see but people can’t get in because is a natural reserve. People wonder why is pink, well it is caused by the high concentration of salt and microorganisms.

Selected Pink Beaches Across The World:

Horseshoe Bay Beach located in Bermuda
Where did this beach, named for its curved shape, gets its pink flecks? It’s from Foraminifera, a red microscopic organism with a reddish-pink shell. They rapidly grow on the underside of Bermuda’s coral reefs and their shells mix with the sand. Horseshoe is part of a collection of South Shore beaches and is one of the most popular spots with tourists and locals. It has all the basic amenities to such as chair, umbrella, snorkel gear and boogie board rentals, bathrooms and a low-key restaurant.

Komodo Island located in Indonesia
This beach is also known as Pantai Merah, Pink Beach and situated on Komodo Island, which is one of more than 17,000 islands in the Republic of Indonesia. One of only seven pink-sand beaches in the world, the sand appears pink due to red coral mixed with white sand. It’s a popular snorkeling spot and suitable for beginners since even the shallows are teeming with marine life. The strand is also located within Komodo National Park, a sanctuary to Komodo Dragons, the world’s largest living lizard.

Harbour Island located in the Bahamas

This beach is located on the east side of Harbour Island and is a 3-mile-long beach. It is the perfect spot for snorkeling and swimming, thanks to the reef that provides a large area of calm and relatively shallow water. The sand is made from bits of coral, shells, rocks, and calcium carbonate from marine invertebrates and, just like Bermuda’s Horseshoe Bay, gets its pink color from Foraminifera.

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