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Pastor Had Sex With A Married Woman On Her Matrimonial Bed Caught By Husband (Photos)


Pastor Had Sex With A Married Woman On Her Matrimonial Bed Caught By Husband (Photos)

A 28 year old pastor identified as Admire Mukombiwa has been nabbed stark naked after having sex in the matrimonial bed of a woman 10 years older than him and identified as 38 year old Bridget Ngundu.

The Pastor with the Kingdom Worship Centre Church was on Monday night caught pants down by Bridget’s husband who walked on them asleep after having a good time.

He called the police on them after calming himself, and recorded a video of the drama which ensued. The couple met and did the nasty while Bridget’s husband was away on work related matters before the suspicious husband who caught them in the act returned to excited moaning sounds emanating from his house. Unlike the other scandals which we write about in which the husbands mad with rage thoroughly beat or even kill the cheaters, the peace loving man did not rush to do anything to the two choosing instead to call  his younger brother to come to his house with the police.

“I got home at around 9pm and heard voices inside the house. I waited patiently and called my younger brother to bring the police and they came. We found them naked and I called my relatives to witness the incident,” he said.

Apostle Mukombiwa is not new to scandals of such nature as he was reportedly kicked out of a Mutare church over similar allegations of proposing love to married women including senior pastors in the church. The ‘man of God’ confirmed the incident and said that he will now take a break from church ministry.

The pastor based in Harare, Zimbabwe, revealed that he was in love with the married woman and the two have been dating for the past two weeks.

“We have been in love, dated for the past two weeks. She told me that she was divorced. We had SEX in the house before our sleep was interrupted. I think this time I will have to quit this church thing,” he said.

He went on to disown his church, saying he was in the process of building it.

“That thing (Kingdom Worship Centre) is non-existent. There is no such thing but there are business cards with that name. I was in the process of forming it but I do not think I will proceed,” he said.

The two cheaters were found stark naked, and in a video footage in our possession, the two are seen handcuffed, naked, with the man’s manhood dangling like a dog’s tail.

The disgruntled husband revealed that he had always suspected that his wife was cheating on him but he had no evidence to show for it until on Monday night. He revealed that he once separated with Bridget for close to six months over similar allegations and that she had to seek a protection order against him to be accommodated back at their matrimonial home.

“We once separated because of her cheating but now we have concrete evidence. This has been happening when I am away at work and she has been doing it in full view of our children. She introduced her boyfriend to my child as ‘uncle’. My daughter had become a victim of her abuse and she revealed the first illicit affair which led to our separation,” said the cheated man.

“She applied for a protection order so that I would not confront her over the issues. That’s why I called the police so that I would not breach the court order,” he added.

The incident could be a final nail to the coffin of a teetering 17-year-old marriage of the two.

“With such evidence at hand, I don’t think there is anything much to say,” he said. The matter was reported at Mabelreign police station under reference number OB9016/13. The pastor who seemingly believes in the adage ‘age is nothing but a number’, said he never considered age as a barrier. “That (age difference) wasn’t an issue. The children were told that I was an uncle at the house,” said the pastor without remorse

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