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Woman Injures Testicles Of A Policeman


Woman Injures Testicles Of A Policeman

A vendor caused an uproar in the Zimbabwean capital of Harare when he held onto the testicles of a police officer who tried to seize her goods.

The country which is currently going through series of changes and restlessness due to the recent change in government, and this incident can potentially lead to protest if not arrested.

An eyewitness identified as Alec revealed that a police officer known for his unruly attitude, stormed the woman’s makeshift shop and asked to be paid $5 or risk her stock confiscated.

The incident incited the lady who protested, and proceeded to insult the officer, and attracted a mob who began instigating violence against the policeman.

“We know this corrupt officer, he has a habit of demanding money or else he will make life difficult”, Alec said. It is reported when the officer realised the situation was going against his favor he took to his heels into a nearby yard. But this wasn’t before the woman whose goods he wanted to take made a spectacular tackle that would make any rugby professional green with envy.

The crowd applauded as the woman grabbed onto the officer’s crown jewel. The scared officer continued his quest for freedom and found himself perched on a demarcating wall with the woman still safely attached onto his back.

Respite came for the officer when his colleagues arrived and dispersed the crowd, although no arrest was made, residents of the area fear reprisals from the officers as punishment for the injured testicles of their colleague.

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