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Muslim Law Graduate, Amasa Firdaus Explains Why She Intentionally Wore Hijab To Call To Bar (Photos)


Muslim Law Graduate, Amasa Firdaus Explains Why She Intentionally Wore Hijab To Call To Bar (Photos)

Amasa Firdaus who went viral for being denied being called to bar as a result of her refusal to take of her hijab for the ceremony, has revealed she did it to challenge the state of affairs. In a recent interview, she disclosed her intentions, in a recent interview she granted. The Law graduate from the University of Ilorin who described what was meted on her by the Nigerian law school as “a violation of her rights”, has been warned not to speak ever on the contentious issue, by the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria. She also said having studied law for years there was no where the law prevented female Muslim lawyers from wearing hijabs. When asked what motivated her to take the decision, she explained that she wanted to change the narrative and give Muslim sisters the rights to express their constitutional rights as enshrined in the constitution. “My major concern is the approval of Hijab so that every person coming behind me will be able to use it for the call to bar (ceremony). “My demand is that Hijab should be approved.” “They just call it convention that the British gave to us and we have to stick to it. I used them. They complained (during) my first (law) dinner. That is how they do on the campus. You don’t wear hijab for dinner but I did. I chose Abuja because I knew they were a little lenient,” she reportedly said. Asked why she did not wait to be called to bar before embarking on the campaign, she said those who removed their hijabs in the past did nothing to change the situation.

“People have been removing their hijab over the years. What have those people who have removed it done?” She thanked the Muslim community saying their support for her demand has been impressive. Already, the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria has said it would write the presidency over Firdaus’ inability to attend the call to bar ceremony. The national leader of the MSSN, Jameel Muhammad, described the restriction on the use of hijab as “Islamophobia.”

He said if the issue was not resolved by the presidency and national assembly, the society would resort to legal action. “Then we might have to approach the court of the law. Already our lawyers have taken her brief,” he said. However, the President of the Nigerian Bar Association, AB Mahmoud, said the controversy surrounding Firdaus’ use of hijab was needless. Posting a picture of his daughter in hijab on the day she was called to the New York bar, Mahmoud promised the incident which took place at the International Conference Centre, Abuja, will be taken care of. The issue which went viral on social media had a lot of Nigerians giving mixed reactions as to her decision and the command of the law school authorities. She received some support from some Nigerians who insisted she be allowed her constitutional right to freedom of religion, others slammed her insubordination to the ethics of the dress code, adding that the law school should be obeyed and religion shouldn’t be brought into a critical issue as such, comparing her to other Muslim women like the daughter of the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari who adhered to the dress code during her own call to bar ceremony.

Daughter of President Buhari.

Another lady used for the comparison:

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