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A Designer Who Disappointed A Bride On Her Wedding Day To Please Nigerian Actress Gets Called Out By Her Other Victims (Photos)


A Designer Who Disappointed A Bride On Her Wedding Day To Please Nigerian Actress Gets Called Out By Her Other Victims (Photos)

A Nigerian fashion designer has gone viral for habitually disappointing brides on their wedding day.

She was exposed after her recent spate of disappointment where she allegedly gave the dress of a prospective bride to a Nigerian actress. Here’s how Chika Oparaodu David reported it:

“A bride bought fabrics from a fabric merchant , had it delivered to a designer to make and get it ready for her wedding reception on the 30th. The bride paid the greedy designer part of the money the designer charged when they’ve concluded their transaction and the designer promised that the dress will be ready by 26th.

On the 26th the bride chatted with the greedy designer and the greedy designer assured her that her dress was ready she even sent her pictures and a video to prove it, the bride sent the greedy designer the balance of her money on the 28th.

On the day of delivery the greedy designer said all flights to Benin were cancelled due to bad weather.
On the 29th a day to the wedding the greedy designer lied to the bride that her delivery guy has gone to park to send the dress and she will send waybill details.

Bride waited for the waybill details she did not see she started calling greedy designer and aunty stopped taking her calls. Her groom, friends, relatives started calling the greedy designer but she didn’t take their calls until evening when she called the bride lied to her and made her wear an old dress.

Only for the bride to go on instagram the next day to see Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe wearing the same dress, and tagged the greedy designer assured the designer of the dress.

The sad part it bride bought the fabric gave the designer to make a dress for her wedding reception, paid for sewing and the greedy designer played her to please a Nollywood celebrity. “

Here is the reaction from the victims of the designer, @rikaotobyme:

This is the designer:

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