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Real Reason Why Neverland Mansion, Home Of Michael Jackson Hard To Sell (Photos)


Real Reason Why Neverland Mansion, Home Of Michael Jackson Hard To Sell (Photos)

The Neverland ranch is one of the most popular homes in the world, as it was previously owned by the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

It came with an amusement park and zoo with wild animals, though the rides at the park and the animals are no longer there, the mansion has been in the market since after the death of Michael Jackson with no buyer in sight, it was briefly pulled off.
It is being put park on the real estate market with a huge discount and renamed.

It has been renamed from Neverland ranch, to “Sycamore Valley Ranch,” and seen is currently listed at $67 million from the original asking price of $100 million two years ago. With a huge slash of $33million.

Some features it is known for are long gone, but it is still an iconic property which is 30 minutes away from downtown Santa Barbara, California, and sits on an impressive 2,700 acres of land which includes a mountain which Michael named after his mother, on the grounds of the breathtaking estate. The estate boasts live oaks that are more than 100 years old and borders the Los Padres National Forest. There’s also a movie theater that seats 50, a dance studio, a pool, a 5,500-square-foot, four-bedroom guesthouse, as well as a train station and train tracks. (Sadly, you’ll have to supply your own train.)

The main residence is a French Normandy-style manor which was designed by architect Robert Altevers. The opulent building was completed in 1982 and is an impressive 12,598 square feet. The mansion boasts of five fireplaces, five bedrooms as well as six full and two half-baths among its amenities.

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