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All Schools In Lagos State To Begin Singing National Anthem In Yoruba


All Schools In Lagos State To Begin Singing National Anthem In Yoruba

Governor Akinwummi has directed the principals and head teachers of schools across Lagos State to translate the National Anthem to the Yoruba language, for their pupils to begin singing it I’m their various schools.

This was made known by the Deputy Governor, Dr Idiat Oluranti Akinbule, who represented him in a meeting with the principals and head teachers of public schools in Lagos, Ambode stated that plans have been concluded to make the Yoruba language a compulsory subject for all students in the state.

While delivering the governor’s speech, Adebule said, “Gov. Ambode wants me to pass this message to you, that henceforth, the Yoruba language be made compulsory in both private and public schools,”
“The national anthem must be sung in Yoruba on a daily basis too” she added.

The National Anthem has been translated into Yoruba
The governor also said that the National Anthem has been translated into Yoruba by the Egbe Akomolede.
“The Egbe Akomolede has done the translation and we will send the copies of the Yoruba version to your schools by Monday so you can begin to teach the students.
“I have also met with the owners of private schools and we have relayed this directive to them.
“We are also considering translating the textbooks of other subjects into the Yoruba Language because I believe that when students are taught in their mother language, learning will be easy and their level of performance will improve.

“The state government is passionate about this Law, so we do not lose our language, culture and heritage.”

The Lagos State Government passed a law which made it compulsory for all the candidates seeking admission into all the tertiary institutions owned by the state government, to have a credit in Yoruba language, beginning from February the 8th, 2018.

According to the government, the law was passed in order to promote as well as preserve the Yoruba language in all the schools withing the state.

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