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In Honour Of Mothers (Photos)


In Honour Of Mothers (Photos)

This piece made me shed a tear when I read it for the first time. As a mother, I can relate and therefore, I decided to share it.

It is written by my friend and brother, Oyinemi Nicholas Endeley.



After you read this short message from me to the end, give a woman a kiss (whether na your wife or not, you are permitted by me, but if it is not your wife, make it short and simple, as I can not guarantee your safety after the kiss.. dazzol).

I believe the only reason GOD created the woman was to save his entire creation. By so doing He also made sure that this creature will hold in her womb, mighty men and women. The woman is so great that GOD had to live in her, and come from her in the form of Jesus to save the world.

From the innocence of a DAUGHTER, she grew to learn how to take CARE of her siblings both younger and older by default.

That CARE, LOVE and WARMTH also transfers to her friends. The woman is designed to be PASSIONATE about everything that concerns her, she is the BRINGER OF LIFE.

In a WIFE she shows RESPECT, SUPPORT, DEDICATION and LOVE; Don’t get is twisted sometimes she is BRAVE and TOUGH when she wants to defend her ideology, when she wants to defend her rights, when she wants to defend her own.

In the form of a MOTHER, wow, she is EVERYTHING, from the excitement of missing her period, to the glee of seeing the pregnancy test result, everything she does from then onwards is geared at seeing that baby in the next 9 months. To her the journey is the most EXCITING regardless of the SEVERE PAINS. At that stage, she prefers to get hurt, or even lose her own life, to hear the heartbeat of the baby. She loves her baby without even seeing him/her. “THE MOTHER”…….. 9 months gone, and yes the last push, ejects a wonderful being into the world, she has fulfilled scripture, go into the world and multiply.

Even in her old and tired state as a grand mother, ohhhhhh, she loves her grand children like her life depends on them. The blessings she pours never seizes, as she feeds them fat with spiritual and physical food. Her prayers for her 11yr old grand daughter will be “I want to see your handsome husband, and your beautiful children who will look like me and not your mother” and to her 11yr old grandson, “I must eat your money, when you start working, I would eat it before your mother”…….. At that stage, she is scared of death, because she wants to be a part of the success of her grand kids.

The WOMAN………

I can go on and on and on, maybe write a book, I might even exhaust my cyber ink on this post, and still yet, I have not written 0.01% about the “WOMAN”…….

Well I felt like writing something down, after I read about the first picture and the last picture. The last picture is about a woman, being rejected from a hospital because she had no money to pay for the bills, obviously no support from her husband; she defied all the odds and gave birth without any help to a great boy at the foot of the gate of the hospital…… Women are brave.

The first picture is about a woman, trying to save her son, the house was already burning, the smoke filled the room, and her survival instincts were triggered, in a last ditch to save the son, she held the boy out of the window, until help came. She died from smoke inhalation after, but the boy lives…. Women are brave.

The third picture is loving, the mother closes her eyes in an imaginary painful mood, while her son takes the injection. I can see a woman wishing the pain was on her and not the boy. WOMEN ARE BRAVE. WE SHOULD TREAT THEM WITH SO MUCH RESPECT, CARE AND ABOVE ALL LOVE.

I thank God for a loving grandmother and a loving mother, but above all for a loving sister who is dare and precious to me…… Until the loving wife and loving daughter(s), granddaughter(s) and loving nieces come; I would always celebrate the creature called “WOMAN”……. To all the women out there Oyinemi Nicholas Endeley loves you all, special kisses to my mother in the Lord Mrs Ugochukwu Unachukwu.

#Still on Jesus is Lord.

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