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Cancer Stricken Pork Sold To Unsuspecting Customers (Photos)


Cancer Stricken Pork Sold To Unsuspecting Customers (Photos)

A butcher with over 30 years experience have made shocking revelations about pork meat being sold. He revealed that when they spot cancer in pork, it is cut off and the meat sold to unsuspecting customers.

The United States like many other countries, cannot rely on the big food corporations to label their products accurately.

A new study recently discovered that some hotdogs were labeled as pork meat only, but were found to contain traces of horse meat after all. Others listed only one type of meat but included several or didn’t contain all the ingredients listed.

Even grosser: 2 percent of all samples were found to have traces of human DNA in them. Veggie dogs were the worst off, accounting for 67 percent of the hygiene issues and two-thirds of the human DNA found.

The good news: As bad as some brands were found to be, there are some trustworthy options out there. The report lists the soy chorizo and meatless corn dogs at Trader Joe’s as safe picks for vegetarians, and Taveritte’s, Whole Foods’ 365 brand, Aidell’s, Hebrew National, Ball Park, Oscar Mayer, and Johnsonville for meat eaters.

The World Health Organization has classified processed meats – including ham, salami, bacon and frankfurts – as a Group 1 carcinogen which means that there is strong evidence that processed meats cause cancer. Red meat, such as beef, lamb and pork has been classified as a ‘probable’ cause of cancer.

A stunning new report from the World Health Organization has concluded that there is clear scientific evidence that eating processed meat causes cancer. In particular, the WHO specifically mentioned processed pork products such as bacon, sausages and hot dogs. Of course for those of us that have been investigating these things for a long time, this doesn’t exactly come as a shock. The alternative health community has been talking about the evidence that pork causes cancer for decades. But for the WHO to come out and say these things publicly is a really big deal.

News of this new report made headlines all over the globe on Monday.

The following comes from a story in USA Today:

Eating hot dogs, ham and other processed meat can cause colorectal cancer, and eating red meat “probably” can cause cancer, the World Health Organization’s cancer agency reported Monday.

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