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How to know your relationship is coming to an end


How to know your relationship is coming to an end


Relationships need efforts from both parties for it to be successful. If one individual is giving their all and the other is just there for a ride, the relationship will not work out. It gets to a point that one party can’t take it and they begin drifting away with no notice. This, of course, hurts especially if the love you had was genuine but he treated your heart like trash. If a guy starts acting different, girl run before he does! Below are signs that show he will be ditching your pretty soul:

  • Your female instincts just tell you something is off- women can relate to this, there is this 6th intuition that just communicates he is cheating or you feel that the relationship is coming to an end. Never ignore your gut because it has some truth in it.
  • You are the one always starting conversations, planning dates or calling- this is not right at all! The guy is the one to pursue you till the very end, not your beautiful soul! Are there times you wonder why he never calls you? Why he never texts and check up on you? Why he never mentions about a meetup? Why he takes long to respond to your texts?  He is probably done with you.
  • Your conflicts and arguments are never solved- no relationship is perfect! There are days whereby disagreements pop up and it all depends on how they are handled. If it’s basically you trying to resolve but he is not chipping in to help, that is a red flag!
  • You are no longer in his future plans- when the relationship started, there were these talks you had of finishing school together, starting a business or moving in after getting a stable job. But nowadays, there is nothing like that he discusses. He might have planned to walk away.
  • You are fighting every-day- men don’t love fights, they try to avoid them as fast as possible but if the fights are happening every-day. Something is off and not right. If he is accusing you of stuff, not accepting his mistakes, trash-talking you or asking for breaks. That is a way to ditch you!
  • There is no more physical and emotional connection- when you want to hold his hand, he moves it to his saggy jeans. When you want to kiss him goodbye and he looks away! That clearly shows there is something not right.

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