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This is what you should never do in front of your kids


This is what you should never do in front of your kids


Parents should always set a good example before their little ones. Considering they don’t know the difference between right and wrong, it’s for you to teach them and this comes through actions and not just words. What they see you do, say and act is what they will end up doing. In their young minds, if you are doing it, it’s fine. Parenting calls for maturity, wisdom and being selfless. It is not your life anymore. Therefore if you are guilty of doing any of these things in front of your kids, it is time to stop. Here are some things you should never do in front of your children.

  • Smoking and drinking

Parents should never drink or smoke in front of children because they will assume it is okay to do so and they will start experimenting as well. Smoking in front of them can cause asthma, ear infections as well as respiratory problems and for infants it’s associated with SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

  • Swearing

Monkey see monkey do. That best defines children. They innocently ape what they see especially from their parents. Should you feel the urge to curse, do not do it in front of them or they will start using the same words.

  • Lying in front of children

Let’s face it, sometimes lying is inevitable depending on circumstances. Despite that, parents should avoid being dishonest! Children should be taught to always say the truth and not to lie just because they see their parents doing so as a way of getting themselves out of a situation. If you want to lie to your spouse or someone on the other side of a phone, avoid doing so in their presence.

  • Being violent

This is not only scary and traumatizing to children but it leaves a permanent scar. Parents should never abuse each other, the child or anyone be it physically, emotionally or mentally in front of them because most remember it for life and as they grow they might adapt the same behavior.

  • Spending too much time on gadgets

Children must always come first and as parents we should ensure their wellbeing. As parents we need to give them undivided attention, love, care and support among other things to build on their self-esteem and confidence. There is always time for everything but children must always come first! Put your phone down and cater to their needs. Do not let them feel ignored or less important than your laptop or phone, which if happens regularly will be the case.

  • Never compare

If you have high expectations from your spouse or child, this could lead to disappointment when they do not follow through. Never compare your children or spouse in front of the kids because it is not a good impression to create as a role model.

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