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What will keep you single and never ready to mingle


What will keep you single and never ready to mingle


Singlehood is a phase everyone needs to experience because it teaches one to enjoy their own company, focus more on what they want to do with their lives and what type of partner they want to be with. Some women have been single for a very long time and they just want to settle down but they can’t. They join dating apps hoping to find the ‘one’, attend all the weddings to find a life partner but things fail to work out.

Here are the reasons that are keeping you single:

  • You are holding on to someone that is not available- There is always this guy in a lady’s life that has no interest in her. He does not communicate or look for her but the single woman will always bug him. Once a man has shown that he is not into you, back off. It’s better to stay single and mingle other than looking desperate. The man will disrespect you.
  • You don’t believe in love- Some ladies do not believe in love because they have been hurt before. Maybe the man cheated on them, physically abused her, got intimidated by her and left. This makes women assume that all men are trash and have nothing to offer. But we have to keep in mind that not all men are the same. Pray to God to reveal the right man at the right time and you will be a happy woman in love again.
  • You take advice from everyone- Everyone has an opinion about relationships and what type of man you need in your life but that does not mean you need to follow their advice and actualize it. Just pay attention and listen but at the end of the day, you know what you want.
  • You are not realistic- Ladies have a list of characteristics that they want in every man and it’s never wrong at all but it has to be realistic. For instance, some want a 6.7-foot guy blessed with six-pack, has 12 cars, rich, white teeth, dark, handsome and the list is endless. If you are still waiting for that tall and dark man, it will take a lot of time. Single women that are approached by men that are not on their dream man list, they tend to back off and are on to the next. This becomes a cycle that needs to b

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