8 Year Old Girl Raped By The Head Of P.T.A Of Her School Needs Help

An 8 year old girl was raped by the head of the PTA in her school located in Rivers State.

The rapist was bailed and according to my friend Bidemi Edward Odoi who is very close to the issue, there are attempts to hush the case.

Thanks to Bidemi, she took up the issue and raised the alarm on social media, drawing the attention of the chairman of Ahoada East Local Government where the crime was committed, and other well meaning Rivers sons and daughters including radio station, Nigeria Info.

This is the follow up, according to Bidemi:


The time to focus on the Welfare of the molested 8years old #GirlChild is now. Many have inboxed me to let them know when we get to this stage.
Because of security & stigmatization reasons, we can’t put her online. The parents pleads for medical assistance. But I also plead for her rehabilitation & counselling assistance. Reasons are
1. She has not been treated till now & Doctors without borders said there services are done within 72hours (3days) after any incident & as we know this happened last week Tuesday.
2. She need to vacate the environment she was molested to help her recover fast. We want to relocate the family from Ahoada to another environment and change her school, pay her fees for at least one (1) full session which include three (3) terms.
3. She needs immediate counselling for her fast recovery and also help her know the world is not filled with rapist & are not in support of what happened to her.
There is actually a limit to what I Ununuma Bidemi Edward-Odoi can do singlehandedly due to financial constraints. I have not handled issue of this magnitude before, so your advice is also welcomed.
Please Daddies, Mummies Uncles and Aunties help the victim with any amount to cover these reasons stated above. Like I said on Air yesterday we will account for every kobo spent on this course, at least a few know me when we talk of Accountability. You will always be updated with stages development on this platform & on Air (Radio Stations).

ACCOUNT NO: 2002318190

NO AMOUNT IS SMALL, THE LEAST #500 will go a long way. Pls share on ur timelines…..

Face of the perpetrator:

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